Notting Hill's Women's Hair Specialist

Our Portobello Road Salon, Nottii Hill provides a high level of women’s cuts, superior colour,  treatments and superb customer service.

Part of our service is working with you to keep your hair in great condition, with tips and advice on the correct use of products and tools that will optimise your cut and colour. Fresh from the States is Olaplex, the revolutionary product of the year that we use as a stand alone treatment to ensure ALL your hair is treated.

Latest Treatment Offers

Olaplex Introduction

An Olaplex and a Moroccanoil treatment for just £40, regular price £55.

Salon & Take-Home

An Olaplex and a Moroccanoil treatment with a take-home treatment is just £70, regular price £87.

Cut & Colour Trends Spring & Summer 2017

Pin straight hair, dropped out perms  and candy floss hair.  We recommend enhancing texture with Davine's Sea Salt spray to wear a Hun, the half up, half down bun and a shine wax and for a slick back look.

Sunkissed colour that enhances contrast is the trend this summer, try balayage for highlights or lowlights to keep your roots natural and healthy, caramels are sweet with strawberry blond and cool summer breeze colours.


Colour Offers

Summer Lights - £55

We'll add a splash of highlights that mimic what the sun does on a hot holiday for a sunkissed look that brightens the face and lift flat looking hair. Colour will be painted on freehand or wrapped in individual foils depending on your hair type. 


Stray Greys Away - £55

If you are you feeling that you have a few too many greys but are not quite ready to colour every 6 weeks like your mother did.  

This solution is all about detailed placement and stalking your stray greys in a super-natural way. We use a mixture of your own colour to cover greys with lowlights or highlights as well as choosing another colour if needed.

The key benefit is that you look extremely well groomed.and only need to do this 2.or 3 times a year, tops! It's less commitment to colouring and with no regrowth line. 


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