New Elastin Protein Straighten treatment has arrived

New Elastin Protein Straighten treatment has arrived

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 Nottii Hill has a new treatment combining the synergy of ancient knowledge and a new innovative technology from Elastin Protein. A healthy alternative to traditional Keratin treatments. Soft silky straight hair that lasts for 4-6months.

How does it work ?

Anyone who has had an old fashioned Keratin treatment knows the problems with dry and brittle hair. Previous products coated the outside of your hair and prevented any conditioners from absorbing which over time resulted in dry and brittle ends.  The NEW unique formula in Elastin Protein penetrates each hair to the core and fills it with loads of amino & protein goodies that straighten, strengthen and rehabilitate your hair leaving it soft and silky.
What's different ?
Elastin Protein is non-allergic and 100% formaldehyde free absolutely NO fumes and odour free. It is safe for anyone to use, including pregnant and breastfeeding women. There is no need to leave the treatment on after the salon and you can wash hair straight away. Hair can be coloured, cut and highlighted straight after treatment so no need wait, avoid pools or sea water. Just silky straight hair from the moment you leave the salon that last for 4-6 months.

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