5 Tips to Preserving Your Hair Colour

5 Tips to Preserving Your Hair Colour

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Brassy, brittle, faded are adjectives we often hear from our clients 3 months after they had their hair coloured, but it is so easy to beat these 3 bad hair horrors.  Here are our 5 easy tips to preserve the depth and tone of your colour and the condition of your hair!

Alternate Your Shampoo

Some violet shampoos may preserve and brighten colour and highlights but they can leave hair feeling a little dry so we recommend using them once or twice a week and on other days using a really good nourishing shampoo and conditioner to get the best from both worlds.  An illuminating and protective shampoo for coloured hair that advice using twice a week is MINU by Davine's.

Our current favourite for nourishing coloured hair which makes even the finest hair feel sleek and healthy without weighing it down is Davine’s OI range that naturally we use in the salon.  Not only does the Amazonian Roucou Oil make it smell divine it really works!  The range has a Silver Conditioner that can be used daily to counter yellow tones if left on for 3-5 minutes. 

Once a Week Use An Oil Treatment

Invest in a good oil treatment and do at home once a week to help preserve the lustre and softness of your hair, particularly if you are blow drying your hair daily.  We use both Morrocanoil and OI oil in the salon, currently, OI Oil is Caroline's favourite and is slightly better value, £32 for £135 ml compared to  Morrocanoil £31.85 for 100 ml.

Twice a Month Olaplex Treatment

Once a month after you have had your hair coloured we recommend having an Olaplex treatment. This revolutionary formula helps boost the health of your hair by building it up from the inside to strengthen it and decreasing hair breaking.   Have a look at our 3 Olaplex offers valid this month.

Once Every 6 Weeks Use a Toner

To revive and add freshness to the colour of your hair and help prolong your last colour appointment, Nottii Hill suggests coming in for a toner treatment every 4-6 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair.  

The difference between a toner for use at home compared to a salon toner is that we can correct brassy tones (one reason for this is simply the chlorine in the water and copper pipes) and create a bespoke colour whose tones compliment your own skin tone.

Always Conditioner on Swimming

If you swim regularly and have coloured hair, we recommend wearing a swim hat or rubbing in a lick of conditioner or OI Oil into damp hair before you get into the pool.  The conditioner and oil acts as a barrier against chlorine being absorbed by the hair shaft and altering the tone of your colour.

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